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What are you waiting for a multilingual blog?

If you are already an experienced blogger and even if you are not, you will know how important SEO is for your blog. One way to increase your traffic is by giving readers ​​access to your content in their native language, and although most browsers have an instant content translation tool, if you have ever studied another language, you will know that these translations are not always correct and may send the wrong idea.

Likewise, idioms in each language are very different, so if you are thinking on having a multilingual blog, it is recommended to hire an expert to translate your posts and even your whole website to avoid falling into these drawbacks translating everything only with online translators.

FUN FACT: Did you know that in Shrek (yeah! the movie) the jokes are different in the English version than in the Spanish one? This is because each culture and each language has a different type of humor and sometimes what you say in Spanish is not as funny in English and vice versa.

If you are looking for someone to help you translate your posts and even your website, you have found the right one!

What better than a blogger to help you translate your blog?

Although you could hire a professional translator for this, the advantages of hiring me are:

  • Personalized customer care: My team or I will personally take care of the translation and we will be contacting you in the process so  your writings do not lose their essence, your personal brand when it comes to writing, nor  transmit wrong ideas.

  • Experience as a blogger: Being bloggers or writers who carry out the translations will be an advantage since we will take into account little details and find the best words to use. As you know, writing a newspaper article to a book or blog is not the same!

If this has interested you, fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible and offer you the options that best suit you and your blog.

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