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Hello there!

María from here

I am 25 years old and in real life I am a lawyer in the IT sector. I have always liked to travel and meet different people and cultures.

Since I started working 3 years ago, I have dedicated part of my savings to travel (when I have vacations, of course). I like to plan and learn about my destinations before arriving, not only to make the most of the time, but  to avoid making tourist mistakes (well, at least not so many) and have the best possible experiences.

I decided to make this blog to give you this fundamental information (without ruining the magic, offcourse), because although there are thousands of pages where they give you "tips and tricks" for your next destinations, I have realized that the information they give is very superficial and things that you could have known always happen. 

Hope you enjoy.

With all the love,

María Albao M.

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